Weatherproof Cable




Powerful working way: the USB charging link takes into account charging your Arlo Professional camera consistently, and you don’t have to change your battery constantly

Waterproof outline: the link for Arlo Genius highlights with sideways plan and waterproof silicone circle which are useful for shielding the raindrop from infiltrating the charging gap

Tough material: the charger link for Arlo Expert receives lightweight and sturdy material; It is hostile to oxidation, against UV, and waterproof, great quality link for your long application

Long link: the weatherproof link is approx. 20 ft, sufficiently long length for you to put your camera inside or outside your home, even it is far from the attachment

Simple to introduce: you simply need to open the back piece of the smaller scale USB defensive cover and connect the USB link to the Arlo Ace, and afterward all done; And the link is perfect with the first Arlo connector